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“My name is Lucy and I have just turned 18 years old. I have known Karen for a couple of years and knew she was doing modelling but I couldn't because I wasn't old enough :(. Now I've finally turned 18 you can see me with all my friends in my new site that my webmaster calls "You love".

I am really shy (you can really tell in my videos!) so please dont expect to see hardcore or dirty pictures of me, It's just me stripping and having fun with my friends. I can't wait for you to become a member and see me today! ” - lucy
Age: 18
Shoe size: Small
Height: 4'11 :) I need to stand on tip toes!
Location: USA
Interests: Chemistry, shopping, getting together with friends, music, boys (and the occasional girl ;))
Fav. Film: True Romance

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